Guy Has Head Electrocuted Off

Probably quarterized his neck so the head stayed alive.
Reminds me of a joke. A guy turns up at the hospital with a head the size of a golf ball. Doc says what happened to you? He says.. I was on a ship and got thrown over board in rough seas. Swam to an island. While I was there I found a genie in a bottle. When I rubbed it, this hot genie popped out. All I wanted to do was fuck her. She said you have 3 wishes. How about a fuck. She said no. . I can't do that you just wasted a wish. I then said... How about a hand job... She said can't do that either... You just wasted another wish. And then I said C'mon baby.. well how about a little head...
Did you mean “cauterized”?

Demon Den .

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Like a hot knife through butter...

That wire would have reached 2000+ degrees F easily while current was flowing through. That was the closest thing to an actual lightsaber in existence as of today.
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