Serious Advice on self harm?


Fresh Meat
I want to please my bf and give him good pics. Any advice on cutting?

I don't do it just for him btw.
Advice? Yeah, get really really blackout drunk before you do the cut to hearten yourself and make your blood thicker and slower so less is jostling around in the cut risking spilling out, take bunch of painkillers while doing it because duh, it hurts, and go down the length of your arm but really fast so the blood can only hop out for a short while and has a long place to stay inside instead of outside. Short cuts leave more outside area for the blood to go, limiting the amount of area for it to seep back into the wound and thus continue to be used and internalized, thus increasing bleedout chance. You should probably get really tired afterwards, so just go to sleep ASAP because you heal quicker while asleep, and be sure to tell nobody because it's no biggie but people who see it would freak out and start doting over you anyway and get cops involved. Don't forget to livestream the whole thing and film it to get donations and view-bucks. Oh yeah, don't forget the biggest part of any harmless hobby, most importantly, have fun. 😁