self harm

  1. S

    Serious Advice on self harm?

    I want to please my bf and give him good pics. Any advice on cutting? I don't do it just for him btw.
  2. S

    Serious Advice on self harm?

    I want to please my bf and give him good pics. Any advice on cutting? I don't do it just for him btw.
  3. Girl cuts her wrist with blade while crying

    Oh the pitiful wimpering :pokingcrybaby:
  4. Y

    Dirty Indians Cut Their Own Back With A Sword

    what the fuck man
  5. exile

    emo cutting his neck

  6. rottensumin

    whats the deepest youve gone?

    self-harmers of GG, whats the deepest cut youve done ? do you like your scars ? for me it was on my thigh, almost down to fat but there was so many fucking layers of dermis that i didnt make it. however, ive hit fat on my arms plenty of times lmaoooo and i dont feel any particular way about my...
  7. Gored

    Sick Fuck Self-Mutilation

    Don't understand the point but thanks
  8. Shallow self harm

    These are really shallow, I’m such a pussy, someone tell me how to cut deeper ✂️
  9. my fave self harm pics!! ^_^

    most of them r from here so im sure youve seen em but just in case you havent, here r some of my favorite pathetic displays of mental illness!!
  10. Self harm cuts fat depth

    These are all my pictures of my own cuts. i am fully recovered now and have been clean for a year but thought id share my best cuts
  11. Kid cuts himself in public over girl breaking up with him

  12. kpop idol ex-aoa member kwon mina posts self harm images

    the caption in english reads "Why, is this dirty? Does this make you sick? Every single word you say makes me do this to myself. Oh, the suicide show? You said this is to gain sympathy. Well then, why don't you give me some? You say 'Go see a professional'? I've been seeing a psychiatrist for...
  13. P

    dumbass cuts his back for no reason

  14. asuka


    Why do they share this on the internet? Go and get help.
  15. DeadVampire

    worthless self harm

    no one cares just enjoy it
  16. Killermo187


    I'm starting to do self harm due to depression anxiety and mental abuse.. .. I came to this app to try and feel welcomed in some way.. but guess everyone on the internet hates me also .. I don't know if I will record my suicide if it came down to it .. cause I wouldn't wanna be found.. so this...
  17. ~Extreme Self-Harm~

    Here's some pix for the cutters.....If repost please remove....:vomit:
  18. bigwillysucker69

    Gore Classic Extreme Self Harm

  19. Self harm just because

    Arm go split lol
  20. Corpse Party

    [Self harm] Removing flesh from leg

    The stupidity of people is just beyond my imaginations.. Don't know if repost.
  21. Lollybooxoxo

    Self harm

  22. T

    self harm

    hi im sorry i dont cut that deep i havent done it a whole lolz but heres my first goregrish post <3 i hope at least one person likes it :3
  23. How my arm healed

    The way my arm healed (I did that about 10 months ago)
  24. phaguette

    self harm comp

    some self harm comp
  25. phaguette

    intense self harm

    really intense self harm on a serious note, if you are considering/are doing self harm, please seek help. their are professionals that can help you cope in much healthier ways ❤️
  26. Self harm

    Anyone else self harm? Anyone want to share their photos? Why do you self harm? How long? How did you stop? I’ve been cutting since I was a kid... I’ll add some pics... in a fucked up way I think they’re beautiful.. Advice?
  27. My first self harm

    My first ever self harm. Going to do way more in future.
  28. My SH

    i figured i might as well post it where someone can get some lulz out of my inability to function as a human being.
  29. Y

    my bleeding out video.

    this is a few days ago and i used a really sharp blade.
  30. shallow cuts bleeding

    if you want to see more of my cuts, just ask. i will be happy to share. enjoy, friends. much love to you all :-)
  31. Weird ass kid slits his wrist

    SMH kids are so dumb, whats the point in doing this. must be a attention seeking whore
  32. HKxNuke

    Self Harm video done by weirdos

    Suicidal teens most likely
  33. adabbed666

    damnn bro xc

    iv been lookin' for these Dnepropetrovsk maniacs cunts and i found that xdd shii old af but still hurts xc have nice day/night
  34. EGirl’s sad corner

    so ya girl had an episode and started digging looking for bugs under my skin and accidentally made this lil hidey hole and i think imma use it to store things
  35. my selfharm

    hey so before u look at the pictures i just want to say that i really hope i dont get any gross comments. these are all in the past and im currently 3 months clean!! which im proud of. im posting this because i know looking at s/h instead of doing it can be used as a coping skill so i hope this...
  36. Self harming of myself cus why not lmao

    I've been doin it since i was nine and i already know what yall gonna say about attention and all that shit blah blah idfc lol I'm posting cus I'm addicted to it and I need a lil more adrenaline to get me boosted lmao The photos that are on right now are from the 18th of January this year, but...
  37. Crusty Santa

    Crazy ritual, self mutilation

  38. GoreIsNeato

    fat loser hates himself

  39. gutsgutsbaby

    any self harm videos on here?

    i can never find any good ones
  40. Kim Carlsson, Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

    Kim Carlsson is a black metaller and like all black metallers he has a little infamy. His vocals are very raw and fits in with DSBM label very well. His self harm gave him some notoriety.
  41. Crusty Santa

    Self Destruction

    Old comp, still great.
  42. james west

    finger foods

  43. Brainfart

    He just couldn't hack it anymore

  44. Crusty Santa

    Carnage, Self Destruction, Beheadings

    Already put these in this link here i know based on the lack of reactions some of these you didn't see so i'll make this. Way more, just scroll through the thread. There is...
  45. Epicurus

    Bit His Own Tongue Off

  46. Crusty Santa

    Quick, low qaulity compilations

    Originally put over at morbid mania, it would be good to have them all in the one place currently and for future edits. Might be frequent, depending on how much I free time I have.
  47. cutsxx

    Hello momma would you like to be my sunshine?

  48. A little cut in my neck

    Some people like young blood🤔
  49. H82Go8675309

    Pic comp of extreme self harm blogger @coldnessinherheart & just a fun way to organize my pic sets

    Admin, I wasn't exactly sure if this should go here or in underground media & there wasn't a chart that i saw. It is a big site guys. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry if i you have to move it though.
  50. Be happy⚕

    Girl kills herself on Facebook (just a cutter)

    This might be an old old repost
  51. Oogie Boogie Self Harm

  52. vixen grey


    i'm an ex prostitute who just got out of rehab, if you could show me some gore links of prostitutes being murdered ect. that'd be nice because lately i been feeling like going back to it even though i've had many horrible experiences from it like i was being stalked and a guy carved my name into...