Quoting Users

How to use the quote functions

There are three ways of quoting users posts in your forum reply.

  • Reply
  • + Quote
  • Quote Highlighting

Pressing Reply link will simply insert a quote in the editor for reply.

Pressing + Quote link will add the quote to the multiquote system. When you have multiple pages you want to quote or many posts, this is what you use. Scroll down to the editor when done adding quotes and press "insert quotes". This will preview all quotes you have added, you can drag them around to rearrange the order or delete some before you commit to adding them.

A new feature is Quote Highlighting in which you highlight with your cursor over the section of a post you'd like to quote, when you stop highlighting you will notice a selector to reply or multiquote. Simply left click and drag the cursor and highlight over a line of text in a post and try it.